Garth W. Jonson, CFA Vice President

“Westfield represents something fairly unique in the investment business: a truly collaborative environment. References to being part of a team are almost always overplayed, but the culture here really does feel like we’re all pulling on the same oar, striving toward a common goal.”

Garth W. Jonson, CFA

Vice President

Garth is a Vice President and a member of the Investment Committee. Garth has over 25 years of investment experience covering the Health Care sector.

Prior to joining Westfield, Garth spent seven years as an analyst with Tudor Investment Corporation. He has also held equity analyst positions at the Boston Company Asset Management and Fleet Investment Advisors, where he began his career in 1996.

Garth holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College. He is a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society.

In his free time, Garth is an avid reader, enjoys making cider and skiing with his family. 

Professional History

Vice President
Health Services, Medical Technology & Oncology

2010 - Present: Westfield Capital Management
2001 - 2008: Tudor Investment Corporation
1998 - 2001: The Boston Company Asset Management, LLC
1996 - 1998: Fleet Investment Advisors
1994 - 1996: Fleet Investment Services
1993 - 1994: Harvard University Faculty of Arts & Sciences
1993: Harvard Institute for Economic Research
1991: Harvard College, AB


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