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1Q23 Review & Outlook

Video available, click here.

Westfield 2022 Year in Review & Outlook

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The Best Days for Mega Cap Tech are Over

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Market Views 3Q22

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2Q22 Review & Outlook

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Decarbonization 2.0 - Investment Implications on the Path to Net Zero

Executive Summary: Decarbonization 2.0 will usher in an era of rapid consumer facing change. We remain in the early days of a generational investment theme. Market disruption will create winners and losers, best capitalized on by a discerning investor. Click HERE to read more. &...

Active’s ESG Advantage

Executive Summary: The inherent characteristics of ESG data make it uniquely challenging to apply a rigid, mechanistic approach for interpretation and investing. We believe active approaches are advantaged by their ability to leverage a variety of inputs, including management access and ...

Inflation: Transitory or Enduring?

Westfield’s Take on the Path Forward and How to Play It Executive Summary: The dramatic change in market inflation expectations over the past year resulted from a remarkable confluence of events. Although some supply disruptions are likely to subside over time, we expect underlying pr...

Westfield's Approach to ESG Analysis: A Research-Based Proprietary Framework

Executive Summary: Our approach to ESG analysis has evolved alongside the breadth and quality of data available to analyze. We believe the insights gleaned from our fundamental analysis are enhanced by ESG analysis and the combination leads to better investment decision making. Wild...

The Time for ACTIVE and Especially for GARP! A letter from the CEO

By Will Muggia President, CEO & CIO Executive Summary: A major shift is taking place in stock market leadership The period of zero interest rates, slow economic growth, and disinflation is ending The environment going forward is ideal for GARP investing and active management ...

CEO Letter Re: Black Injustice

  Hi All, I’ll preface my message with the acknowledgement that I cannot understand the experience of being Black in America, but I can stand with the Black community. I also acknowledge the frustration that must come with watching Whites in America just now waking up to the battle that...

Cancer Can Be Beaten: Oncology's New Age

Half of men and one third of women will get cancer in their lifetime, the dreaded disease that has shadowed humankind for all of its recorded history and was first referenced three thousand years ago in the time of the pharaohs...

Semiconductors: Key Enablers of the Data Economy

  • We are increasingly living in a data-centric economy, from the highly targeted recommendations on Amazon, to the smart lights and security cameras in connected homes, to the fully autonomous car of the future.
  • Semiconductors play an integral role in this evolving ecosystem, as all of this data needs to be processed, networked, stored, and analyzed.
  • As investors better appreciate these emerging secular drivers of semiconductor demand, we believe it could change the way they invest in and value semiconductor stocks.

The Automotive Renaissance

Every day 1.1 billion vehicles worldwide take to the roads, and in the process consume roughly 77 million barrels of oil, produce 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide, cause 3,425 fatal car crashes, and create approximately $1.7 billion worth of economic drag from congestion... 

Thoughts from the CIO: Active or Passive?

Author: Will Muggia – President, CEO & CIO As an active manager of public equities who has faced some of the challenges of the recent market environment, our views of the Active vs. Passive debate may be seen as biased, however, we think it is important to put the current conditions in hi...

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